ProCharger SuperChargers

Colorado Speed Company is one of the largest ProCharger dealers in the state. If your looking for more power out of your vehicle you should definitely consider this! ProCharger kits are direct bolt-on kits that don’t require additional modifications and increase horsepower anywhere from 45% to 80%. Use the ProCharger link to see if they have one for you. Custom applications are also available for most vehicles.

ProCharger was the first to design and manufacture air-to-air intercooled supercharger systems and has been delivering the most advanced supercharger systems with the most power per pound of boost for over 20 years. ProCharger supercharger’s design features and self-contained lubrication create industry-leading supercharger efficiency and performance. Durability is also unmatched, as we can warranty our product at boost levels as much as three times that of our competitors. And unlike turbochargers, the increase in performance you experience with a ProCharger supercharger is instantaneous, and with a good thermal profile: there is no “turbo lag” or extreme exhaust gas temperatures.


… with ProCharger complete systems–the largest street-legal power gains in the industry. These supercharger systems come with all the components needed for an attractive, OEM-quality installation. ProCharger supercharger system and kits are designed to be installed on completely stock or modified engines. Install it yourself or have your ProCharger dealer install it for you–the choice is yours.

With the broadest product offerings and a unique ability to offer cutting edge technology and features, along with the peace of mind associated with cooler charge air temperatures and outstanding engine reliability, ProCharger has you covered.

From the dyno to the street, and on the track, ProCharger’s engineering and R&D teams go to great lengths to ensure your enhanced vehicle is everything you expect and more. From stock to purpose-built racing machines, once you’ve experienced the incredible, real-world power of a ProCharged vehicle, you’ll agree that ProCharger is the Ultimate Power Adder®.

  • Most Power Per Pound of Boost
  • OEM Appearance & Quality
  • Coolest Charge Air Temperatures
  • Polished, Satin, & Black Finish Options
  • Self-Contained Lubrication = Efficiency/Reliability
  • Industry Most System Choices & Upgrades
  • Broadest Product Offering in the Industry
  • Unmatched Quality & Warranty Coverage
  • 100% Complete Systems with Bolt On Install
  • Fuel-Mileage Friendly


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